A Cuckoo


Once there was a cuckoo,

Who made fun of everyone.


He said, “Crow you are funny,

Parrot you are a thinny,

Monkey just look at your nose,

Sparrow you have funny toes.


Ha, ha, hee, hoo, hoo!

I like to make fun of everyone I know! ”


No one liked the cuckoo,

Because he said,

“I love to tease you!”


One day came an eagle,

Who was really large.

He looked at the cuckoo

And laughed so loud,


 “Hey cuckoo,” he said,

You look so funny,

Your eyes are funny,

Your feathers are funny.”

The eagle teased the cuckoo a lot,

That made the poor fellow cry.


His friend the crow said with a sigh,

“Well cuckoo this is what you do,

You make fun of us you know!

You don’t like to be made fun off,

Neither do we,

Like you, we too feel bad you see.”



The cuckoo now never makes fun of anyone.

He knows that it is mean to tease, 

To everyone he has said,

“I’m sorry, forgive me please,

I’ll never make fun of anyone again!”


Today all the creatures are friends with him,

The cuckoo has become the best of them all!