Third, I beg forgiveness from the Ganadhars, and past and present Acharyas, Upadhyays and Sadhu-Sadhvis. The Ganadhars possess 52 virtues, Acharyas possess 36 virtues, Upadhyays possess 25 virtues, and Sadhu’s possess 27 virtues.

We are truly indebted to our religious teachers, preceptors and preachers, who are great scholars, great monks, great men; who know the essence of the scriptures and are well-versed in it. They are on the path of salvation, and they guide others on the same path. They are like a boat or a voyage ship helping us to cross the ocean of life. They are like a wish-fulfilling gem, ornamental to the Jain religion.

Also, all the Ganadhars, and many Acharyas, Upadhyayas and Sadhus have already attained liberation or heaven by repentance, criticism of their own sins, etc., so we are highly obliged to them.

Also in the universe, there are at present, Acharyas and

Upadhyayas, possessing similar virtues, all under the command of Shri Vitraag Lords. Their number may range from 200 to 900 million. Let our repeated salutations be to them.

How are these Masters? They are followers of the 5 great vows of non-violence, truth, non-stealing, celibacy, and possessionlessness. They practice 5 Samitis that lay down ways and methods of carrying out essential activities of life, and 3 Guptis pertaining to control of mind, speech, and body. They have innate affection for all six types of living beings. They are free from 7 types of fears and 8 types of prides. They practice absolute celibacy strictly following the 9 guidelines. They practice the 10 fold religion of the monks. They practice 12 types of austerities, and 17 types of restraints. They are overcome all 22 types of adversities, and are embedded with 27 attributes of the monks. They take food free from all violations. They avoid indulging in the 52 types of misdoings. They have abandoned the use of animate things and use only inanimate things. They have abandoned the wealth and passions and the worldly attachments. They are oceans of equanimity and are full of sympathy, etc. virtues.

You dwell in villages, townships, cities, etc. and I, a sinner, humble servant, virtue-less, am sitting here! If I have indulged in any lapses pertaining to your knowledge, perception, character and austerities, or if have been instrumental of any disrespect, ill-behaviour, ill-worship or offence, then with folded hands, shunning pride, and bowed head, I repeatedly beg for your forgiveness. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.