First, I beg forgiveness from the present Tirthankars and Kevali Lords, who dwell in the Panch Mahavideha Kshetra. By praising the virtues of these Lords, even with slight interest, many Karmas will be expelled. If this is done with deep interest, then one may earn the Tirthanhkar Gotra Nam Karma. Names of these 20 Tirthankars are:

    Shri Simandhar Swami, Shri Jugmandhar Swami,

    Shri Bahu Swami, Shri Subahu Swami,

    Shri Sujatnath Swami, Shri Svayamprabh Swami,

    Shri Rishabhanan Swami, Shri Anantveerya Swami,

    Shri Suprabh Swami, Shri Vishalprabh Swami,

    Shri Vajradhar Swami, Shri Chandranan Swami,

    Shri Chandrabahu Swami, Shri Bhujangdev Swami,

    Shri Ishwar Swami, Shri Nemprabh Swami,

    Shri Veersen Swami, Shri Mahabhadra Swami,

    Shri Devajassa Swami, and Shri Ajeetsen Swami.


To these 20 to 160 Tirthankars, and to 30 to 90 million Kevali Lords, be our salutations at every moment. How are these Lords?

Such are these Lords, who know and perceive our thoughts, who know and perceive every happening, who know and perceive the occurrences of all times and who see the 14 Rajloks as clearly as water taken in hands. These Lords have infinite knowledge (Gnan), infinite vision (Darshan), infinite character (Charitra), infinite austerity (Tapa), infinite patience (Dhairya) and infinite Vigour (Veerya). They bear 6 virtues. The Tirthankars bear 34 unique qualities, 35 types of truth involving speeches, 1008 excellences, are devoid of 18 violations and bear 12 virtues. They all have already done away with 4 Ghati Karmas and are desirous of destroying the remaining 4 Aghati Karmas, for going to Muktishila. They solve the doubts of Jivs, they possess all the means, they are able-bodied, Kevalgnani, Kevaldarshi, and possess the God-said character. They possess perfect true faith, topmost meditation, purest hue and purest virtues. By the 64 Indras, they are worth adoring, saluting and worshipping. They possess the greatest vigour and such other virtues.

Blessesed are those villages, cities, townships and the capital cities where these Lords must be preaching. There the Kings, ministers, family-heads, community-heads and such other personalities listening to the preachings of the Lords must be purifying their ears, they are blessed. Seeing the Lord and having a glance at him, they must be purifying their eyes, they are blessed. By giving away the provisions, food, water, etc. and 14 such other types of donations, they must be purifying their hands, they are blessed.

Oh! Great Lords! You dwell in Panch Mahavideha Kshetra, and I, a sinner, humble servant, virtue-less, am sitting here. Any sins pertaining to your Gnan, Darshan, Chartitra and Tap, whatever disrespect, ill-behaviour, ill-worship or offence has been committed, then with folded hands, shunning pride, and bowed head, I repeatedly beg for your forgiveness. TASSA MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM.