Vairagya Bhavana


Shri Arhat kai darshan jo aik bar pa jatai

Nikal sansar sagar sai vhan ham moksh sukh patai


(1) Could we obtain the (grace of the) Arhantas darshan (Sight) but once,

Escaping from the Ocean of Samsara (Repeated births and deaths, i.e. transmigration), speedily we should attain the beatitude of Moksha (Salvation)!


Tamana apnee bar atee, muradain dil kee pa jatai

Guru nirgranth kai charanro main sir ko gar jhuka patai


(2) The purport of Life would be fulfilled, the heart's desire realized;

     Should we but have the luck to bend the head at the feet of the Nirgrantha Guru (Jaina saints are called Nirgrantha).


Fana ka dora dora hae, kyam unka hae aalam main

Jwanee husno daulat jindgee sab haen mitai jatai


(3) Death is the Empire, stability is a dream! Youth, beauty, riches and life all are perishing away!


Uthaeen marnai jeenai kee anantai bar takleefain

Yoon nit-nit rojh marnai sai to 'kash' aik bar mar jatai


(4) An infinity of times have the pains been endured of (repeated) birth and death! Would that we had once died for good, to be rid of this constant daily dying!


Shranr kaesi, maded kiskee, naheen firiyadaras koi

Voh daikho, Yam kee darhon main haen sab kai sab pisai jatai


 (5) Who is the refuge? Whose help to seek? there is none to listen to the wail (of the soul)!

     Look! all are being ground in the Jaws of Death!


Na sathi hae na sangee hae koi jeevon ka alam main

Alailai paeda hotai haen, akailai hee haen mar jatai


(6) There is no companion of souls in the world, not a wayfaring associate!

     Alone are they born, alone also do they die!


Naheen jab jism ho apna, to kaesa ghaer sai rishta

Han, na phehaimeen sai putr va mitra apnai haen kahai jatai


(7) When even the body is not one's own, how, then, can another be relation of the Self?

     Through delusion, verily, are termed one's won the friend and the son?


Dhaka hae cham sai dhancha, bhara hae mal va mootr sai yaih

Yaih hee haen log jiskee khubiyon pai nitye haen itratai


(8) With (leather) parchment is the skeleton covered; it is filled with urine and filth!

     Is this the thing, whose excellence has turned men's heads?


Chatur gati roop aalam hae nheen sukh sai yhan koee

Manushya tiryanch narakdaiv haen dukh sai sab chilatai


9) Characterized by the Gati (Residents of heavens) quartette is this world of life; happy therein is none!

     Devas (Residents of heavens) and men, lower kingdoms and hells-all are crying with pain!


Abas kee bandgee batil buton kee jhoothai daivon kee

Jo sanvar nirjra kartai to dil ka mudua patai


(10) In vain, have we worshipped false gods and guides that only lead one astray;

     Had we but stopped and destroyed the karmas; the wish of the heart we should have had!


Manushya kee joon durlabh hae jo virthan haen isai khotai

Voh aasanee sai moka phir nheen hae doosra patai


(11) Difficult of attainment is the human form; those who now dissipate it away,

     Will never easily again obtain another such (golden) chance.


Ahinsa dharm hae sacha, Ahimsa mool hae tap ka

Ahimsa palnai sai karm bandhan sab haen jharh jatai


(12) True is the Dharma (Religion) that teaches non-injuring; of saints non-injuring is the root!

     By the observance of the vow on non-injuring are destroyed the entirety of the chains of karma!


Jo daikha gor sai to atma hee daiv hae sacha

Saiko sanyam isee kai johrai aslee nazar atai


(13) On proper reflection, the soul itself is found to be the truest God!

     Joy and self-control would appear properly to appertain to the soul.


Khuda hae Daiv hae Triloki ka sarsaz hae, jan hae

Tamami pujya gunr haen zat main iskee nazar atai


(14) Khuda is He, He is Deva, too; the crown of Glory of the world, and Jina (Conqueror)!

     The infinity of the worshipful attributes all may be seen in Him!


Hyatai la mamatai va noorai khalis maot ka phataih

Jo aesa apnai janain avashya vai sidh pad patai


(15) Life that is Deathless, Effulgence Pure, the Conqueror of Death:

     Those who know themselves as such, obtain the status of the Perfect Ones!


Sukho darshan va gyano veerya main nishchae sai hae pooran

Isi kai gunr haen hooro jin malyak rat bin gatai


(16) In respect of Happiness, Perception, Knowledge and Power He is truly full!

     Houris, jinn's, and angels chant His attributes (ceaselessly) night and day!


Karm bandhan sai chootai atma prmatma hovai

Bajooz iskai neheen kuchh pharak ham dono main


(17) Freed from the bondage of Karma, the Soul becomes a God!

     There is no other difference that we can see between the two!