Vegetarian Definition

Ovo-lacto vegetarian -

People who do not eat meat of animals such as chicken, pigs, cows, etc. Also they do not eat fish and seafood. But they do eat eggs, egg products, milk and other dairy products. (Some Americans claim that they are vegetarian but they eat chicken and fish, by this definition they are not vegetarian)

Lacto-vegetarian -

People who do not eat meat of animals, eggs, egg products, fish, and seafood. But they do use milk and dairy products.

Eggitarian -

A lacto-vegetarian, who would not eat eggs explicitly, but will eat cookies, cakes, etc. that may contain eggs.

Vegan -

People who avoid all animal products: meat, fish, seafood, eggs, egg products, milk, dairy products, and honey. In addition, they avoid wearing leather, wool, silk, and avoid using other animal products.