Bhadrabahu Vijay


Dhyan means concentrating the mind on anything. It can be auspicious as well as inauspicious. This has been divided into four parts.

1. Artadhyan:

Longing with agony and pining for an object, a person or a state which one desires. Experiencing agony and anguish to discard undesirable persons or states and weeping, beating the head, lamenting and being plunged in sorrow at separation from such persons or states. All these things are called Aartdhyan; and one should get free from it.

2. Raudradhyan:

Beating anyone, killing or murdering anyone or committing such sins as violence, falsehood, theft etc., or abetting such sins and in consequence acting without any self-control. One must completely get free from this kind of meditation and action,

3 Dharmadhyan:

Dharmadhyan is that concentration by means of which, the soul becomes pure and life becomes sublime and sacred. This kind of meditation is fit to be carried out. Four kinds of this have been mentioned.

4. Shukladhyan:

Realizing the soul in its pure. perfect and sublime form; and visualizing the soul; proceeding on the path of internal, spiritual development. This is Shukladhyan. Even this has been classified into some kinds.

The phase of this meditation appears when all passions like Moh infatuation etc., get destroyed, This dhyan is absolutely essential for the attainment of Mukti - salvation.

There are some other meditations than these. Like knowledge (jnan) even meditation (dhyan) is a profound matter. Countless books have been written about this.