Bhadrabahu Vijay

Before assuming Dharma

A clear and fascinating guidance has been given in the Jain religion regarding the way in which an individual should live. 21 fundamental virtues should be there in the character of an individual whether it is for the welfare of the individual life, of family life, of social life, or of the national life. The life should be improved by righteousness. When we read the description of these virtues. We realize that the Jain religion has made an attempt to reform and improve every facet of the life of an individual. Life becomes distorted even if one facet is not properly disciplined and directed. One should possess some of the followings:

1. Gambhir : Possessing a magnanimous,large-hearted and dignified individuality; not a low and wavering individuality.

2. Rupavan : One must possess a healthy body of right proportions with perfectly developed limbs.

3. Saumya : Not possessing a frowning face but a face Parkrifi that is cheerful and happy

4. Lokpriy : Having interest in the service of people; being honored by people; being popular.

5. Akrur :Not showing cruelty to any one, not being unkind to any one.

6 Bhiru :Keeping away sins and fearing social censure and keeping away from social evils.

7. Asath : Being simple, humble and innocent.

8. Sudakshinya: One who helps others; and does some service for others

9 Lajjalu : One who shows respect to elders and spiritual superiors.

10 Dayavan : One who is benevolent; one who has cordial and loving relations with others

11. Madhyasth : One who is impartial.

12. Gunanvragi: One who likes the virtues of others; one who has regard for the virtuous.

13. Satkathak : One who wins others by his noble and ideal words and utterances.

14. Supakshyukt: One who has devotion and reverence for noble people.

15. Sudirgadrista: One who takes his step after thinking of the future.

16. Visheshajna : One who examines and views an object from many points of view.

17. Vriddhanug : One who follows the path shown by the enlightened ones and by great men.

18. Vinit : One who possesses politeness, humility and softness.

19. Kritajna : One who is always grateful to benefactors and shows them regard.

20. Parahita-rat: One who works for the good and welfare of others.

21. Labdhiakshya: One who always pursues the objective that has been chosen and determined.