Justice T.U.Mehta

Magadha and Srenika

Other kingdoms of prominence were those of Magadha and Kosala. King Bimbisara (Srenika) of Magadha and his wife Cellana were very ardent devotes of Mahavira. Bimbisara had built a very powerful empire and developed friendly relationship with almost every powerful king of India of his time. His first wife was the sister of Prasenajit, a powerful king of Kosala. Anga Desa was conquered by him. King Canda Pradyota of Avanti was very ambitious. He attacked Rajagrha, the then capital of Magadha, but the attack was foiled by Bimbisara's very clever son Abhayakumar, also an ardent devotee of Sri Mahavira. Thereafter, the Avanti king and the king of Gandhara became very good friends of Bimbisara. Bimbisara is so much respected by the Jainas that he is given the status of a Tirthankara in the next time cycle.