Yogindu Deo

Much is not known about Yogindu, the spiritual poet of Apbhransha. He has been remembered by different names, e.g. Yogindu, Yogindra. The Sanskrit translation Yogindu of Apbhransha Joindu and not Yogindra appears to be correct.

There are different opinions about his time also. His time is regarded as from the 6th to the 11th century.

The effect of Kundkund is apparent on his writings. Yogindu has taken much from Kundkund. Samadhi Shatak of Pujaypad and Parmatma Prakash of Yogindu have close similarity of ideas.

His works Parmatma Prakash and Yogsar are imperishable stores -of his glory. In these works he has described the deep mysteries of the soul in simple and natural language of the common folk.